Washington State Women's Soccer Association

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Player Identification Card

In order to participate in any WSWSA league match a Player is required to have a current player identification card.  An original signed temporary pass is also acceptable within thirty (30) days of issuance.

The administrative body with whom WSWSA is affiliated, Cascadia Adult Soccer, issues the player identification cards.  Players may apply for player identification cards by visiting the Cascadia Adult Soccer website (www.cascadiaadultsoccer.org).

A Player who fails to present a player identified card upon request of the Referee or the opposing Team Manager will not be allowed to play.

Any Team Manager may request that the Registrar validate the status of any Player’s player identification card, and these requests must be made in writing (email is acceptable).


All Players who participate in the WSWSA must be women.  Any Team Manager may request that the Registrar validate the gender of any Player, and these requests must be made in writing (email is acceptable).  If there is a dispute gender shall be determined by the identified sex of the Player on a valid Washington State Driver’s License or Identification Card.


WSWSA supports several Divisions of play for each Season that are based upon minimum age requirements for Players.  Any Team Manager may request that the Registrar validate the age of a Player, and these requests must be made in writing (email is acceptable).


A Team which fails to appear for a scheduled match will forfeit that match by a score of 0-1 and shall be assessed a Team forfeiture fine.  The Team Manager needs to notify the Scheduler and League Recorder of the date, time, and opposing team for the no show.   

A Team that does not have seven Players within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled starting time of the match will forfeit that match by a score of 0-1.  The forfeiting Team will not be assessed a Team forfeiture fine if a complete match is played, or if the opposing team agrees to not playing the scheduled match.  Both Teams are encouraged to share Players and play the scheduled match.

A Team that allows a Player to play without a valid Player Identification Card, or allows an underage Player to play, may forfeit that match by a score of 0-1.  The Team Manager that is challenging the status of the Player must make the request of the Registrar within 72 hours of the starting match time identifying the date and time of the match, and the Player in question.  The Registrar will notify the Team Manager and League Recorder if the challenge is upheld and the match is forfeit. The forfeiting Team will not be assessed a Team forfeiture fine.

The Team forfeiture fine amount shall be equal to the per match cost for that Season based upon the Registration Fee (Fine Amount = Season Team Registration Fee / Number of Matches that Season). Fines must be paid to the WSWSA Treasurer by mailing a check to WSWSA Treasurer, PO Box 7505, Covington, WA 98042-9998.

Unplayable Conditions

From time to time fields may be closed or determined to be unplayable by the field provider or Referee. If the fields are closed when a scheduled match is to occur, both Team Managers should notify the Scheduler and League Recorder within 24 hours. Should WSWSA obtain a refund from the field provided for the unplanned closure, WSWSA will either try to reschedule the match or provide a refund to both Team Managers.

If other conditions occur that make it inadvisable to play the match, but the fields remain open and playable, then WSWSA will notify both Team Managers of this condition and will suspend the forfeit fee for the scheduled match. Each Team Manager can then determine if they want to play the match without a forfeit penalty. In these instances, the match will not be rescheduled nor will a credit be issued to either Team for the unplayed match. An example of this condition is an unhealthy air quality air index rating from Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.


Teams that won a match by forfeit, and the opposing Team has paid the Team forfeiture fine, shall receive a refund credit equal to the Team forfeiture fine. 

Teams that had a match where the Referee failed to appear, and the referee association confirms the non-appearance of the Referee, shall each receive a refund credit equal to half of the per game referee cost.  The per game referee cost is determined by the adopted annual budget of the organization. 

The Team Manager will be notified of a team refund credit within a month of the match. These refund credits can be used by Teams as payment towards registration fees for future Seasons, or the Team Manager can request a refund check from the Treasurer.

The Executive Board can approve other refunds as requested by Executive Board members, Team Managers, and Players.  These requests must be submitted to the Treasurer in writing, with sufficient detail to determine the costs and rationale associated with the refund request.  The Executive Board will make a determination at the next scheduled Executive Board meeting.


Team Managers, Players, or Coaches

Complaints regarding the behavior or actions of a Team Manager, Player or Coach shall be made within 72 hours of the incident, in writing, and signed by the complainants.  Please document the details of the complaint as clearly and concisely as possible and provide contact information for each complainant.  All complaints shall be sent to the WSWSA Judicial Committee Chair, PO Box 7505, Covington, WA 98042.

Upon receipt of the complaint the Judicial Committee will review the complaint and determine what additional investigation is necessary.  Disciplinary action will not normally be taken without attempting to obtain a statement from the subject of the complaint.

Minor offenses will be handled with a verbal warning.  More serious offenses may warrant a written letter placing the Team Manager, Player or Coach on probation.  If these measures do not curtail the misbehavior and further incidences are recorded, expulsion from WSWSA can occur.  Decisions from the Judicial Committee are final and are not subject to review.


Complaints regarding the performance of a Referee shall be made directly to the referee association as an evaluation.  The evaluation website for each referee association is listed below.  Please note that there is a 24-hour “cooling off” period and your game will not be listed on their website until the following day.

East King County Referee’s Association www.ekcsra.org/evaluation

South King County Referee’s Association: www.skcsra.org/evaluation

Seattle Referee’s Association: www.seattlerefs.org/evaluation


For any other complaints or comments, or questions regarding how to file a complaint, please contact your Commissioner.