Washington State Women's Soccer Association

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Matches shall be played in accordance with FIFA laws except where noted.

Teams must be in uniform that shall consist of a shirt, shorts/pants, socks, shin guards and appropriate footwear (e.g., cleats, turf shoes). Shirts shall be of similar color and may have names or numbers on the back of the shirt. In the event of duplicate or conflicting shirt colors, the away Team shall substitute a contrasting color.

Individual additions to the uniform may be permitted if those do not impair the safety of any Player on the field, or interfere with the distinction of the Player's team or position, as determined by the Referee.

Braces must be padded and are subject to the approval of the Referee. Hard casts are not allowed.

No slide tackling shall be allowed in the Classic, Gold, or Platinum Divisions.

The Referee shall allow up to three substitutions by the Team in possession of the ball when it is out of play. There may be unlimited substitutions at half time or after a goal is scored.