Washington State Women's Soccer Association

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Team Responsibilities

A. Each team must appear for, and play all scheduled matches.  A team which fails to appear for a scheduled match shall forfeit the match and be assessed a fine of not less than $80.00 for their first two forfeits per season.  Third forfeit within the same season will result in a fine of $100.00.  (Team = 7 players as in B below.) Fine must be paid to WSWSA treasurer within 14 days of original game date. Forfeiting team must notify opposing team and WSWSA Scheduler at . Any game played before fine is paid shall be scored as a forfeiture. The forfeiture fines should be mailed to WSWSA, PO Box 7505, Covington, WA 98042.

B. A game will be declared forfeited if a team does not have seven players with fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled starting time. If a game’s starting time is delayed due to late arrival of players, shortened equal halves must be played. In order to be eligible for a refund, the winning team must report the forfeit within 24 hours to the Scheduler .

C. It shall be the duty of all teams to notify the WSWSA Scheduler in writing (with a copy to their District Commissioner), of any errors found in the playing schedule. Such notification shall be sent not later than ten (10) days following the publication of official playing schedule.

D. The Score Recorder inputs all scores from the referree's website and should be checked by the Team Managers during the Spring Season to verify accuracy. Report discrepancies to the master Score Recorder at .

E. In the event of an unplayable field, as deemed by the Scheduler, Referee or upon discovery, you should immediately report the game not played to the Scheduler.

F. If the referee scheduled to officiate fails to appear for the game, teams shall make their best efforts to agree on a substitute referee or to play the game without one at the scheduled time and place.  The home team should report the no show Referee to the Scheduler (and when known/possible, copy the opposing team's manager).

G. If the lights are not on or shut off early, call the posted number at the field first. If you have access to our website, click on the "No Lights???" tab at the top of our homepage which lists the numbers to call for no lights. If you try but they are unable to get the lights turned on, report it to the Scheduler.


A. Games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws except where noted below.
B. Teams must be in uniform for sanctioned league games. Uniforms must be of identical color and shall consist of shorts, socks, shin guards and numbered jersey. Numbers shall be a minimum of six (6) inches high, of a contrasting color, and shall be placed on the back of the jersey and each team individual shall have a different number. In the event of duplicate colors, the individual additions to the uniform may be permitted if those do not impair the safety of any player on the field or interfere with the distinction of the player’s team or position.

C. Braces must be padded. Hard casts are not allowed.

D. No slide tackling shall be allowed in the Classic, Gold, and Platinum Leagues.

E. Substitutions will be allowed at any stoppahge of play at the discretion of the referee.