Washington State Women's Soccer Association

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If you're looking for the list of Fields we play on, click the regular Fields tab on the left.

Please note that all vehicles are required to pay $1.00 to park at Marymoor Park.  They have a person that patrols the lot and tickets cars that do not have parking passes displayed on the dashboard. Fines will cost you $35. If you frequent Marymoor, you can purchase a two-month pass for $20.


WSWSA matches played at Starfire will play 40 minute halves, with a 5 minute half time.  Please have your gamesheet and cards ready to go PRIOR to the game.  If the referee is slow to get the game started, ask her or him to please do the coin toss so you can take the field asap.  (This can be done before kick off time.)

We rent the fields for just 90 minutes, as per Starfire availability.  However, if you are "lucky" enough to have the 9:30 game or the last game of the evening, you will get to play 45 minute halves.  For the last game of the night, we rent the fields for 2 hour time slots.

Please contact your Commissioner if you have any questions.