Washington State Women's Soccer Association

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Bernadette Noonan Award

A hallmark award designed to honor those who best exemplify unselfish service to soccer, in the true spirit of volunteerism, to the Washington State Women's Soccer Association. HISTORY: The Bernadette Noonan Award was implemented in 1997. Since the award reflects the very best of what a WSWSA volunteer gives back to our game through her or his efforts, the award had to have a name that captured that essence - and WSWSA could think of no more a deserving title than to name it after one of our very own! (It's first recipient, appropriately, was Bernadette Noonan herself!)

1997 - Bernadette Noonan

1998 - Peggy Cowen

1999 - Wendy Fletcher

2000 - Teri McIntyre

2001 - Judy Endicott

2002 - Janet Slauson

2003 - Kathy Hightower

2004 - Jean Boyd

2005 - Laura McLendon

2006 - Gail McGinn

2007 - Diane Clark

2008 - Cindy Scott

2009 - Gillian Mitchell

2010/11 - Maj Surowiecki

2012 - Karrie Hildebrand

2013 - Linda Rimmer

2014 - Mary Gager

2015 - Bonnie Darch

2016 - Lynne Clewell


Order of the Golden Soccer Ball

An award of the highest honor given to those who go beyond service to Washington State Women’s Soccer Association. These women are part of its heart and soul.

Recipient: Bernadette Noonan

Recipient: Janet Slauson

2005 Recipient: Laura McLendon

2012 Recipient: Wendy Fletcher

2015 Recipient: Linda Rimmer


Bill Lenhart, Coach of the Year Award

On October 31, 2004, Washington State Women’s Soccer Association presented our first award recognizing excellence in coaching. We felt the need to name the award after it’s first recipient Bill Lenhart. Bill was proud of his teams and the women on them. As a coach, he brought out the best in his players, both on and off the field. Before Bill passed away from cancer on November 10, 2004, he had coached women’s teams in our league for 20 years. For his time as a volunteer with WSWSA, for his dedication to his teams, and for the positive impact he has made on the lives of members, WSWSA has created the BILL LENHART, Coach of the Year Award.

2004 - Bill Lenhart

2005 - Jerry Cope

2007 - Julie Mitchell


Lifetime Honorary Individual Member

Honorary membership shall be granted by unanimous vote of the Executive Board to a person who has served on the executive board, has made outstanding contribution to WSWSA, or who has gained prestige and brought to WSWSA distinction and recognition.

2006 - Bernadette Noonan and Janet Slauson



WSSA Hall of Fame Inductees

2004 - Bernadette Noonan and Janet Slauson

2005 - Joyce Trader

2006 - Denise Bender

Barney Kempton Award

2014 - Kathi Charlton